Kingdom Come: Superman

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Superman, the Man of Steel. The Man of Tomorrow. The Last Son of Krypton.

As a child Superman was the very first superhero I ever attached myself to, and the very first character that I can draw.

Every child who ever lay their eyes on him will always be in awe. I know I’ve seen them in the eyes of my own nephews and nieces.

I read Kingdom Come probably a year or two after it was released, in trade paperback form. I liked how Alex Ross treated the look of Kal-El. I liked the ‘S’ symbol and meaning behind the change of the yellow into black.

So when I got news that DC was releasing action figures based on the book, I just had to have Superman at the very least.

I’m not one of the hardcore collectors. Those who buy them for investment purposes. My collection aren’t even that big. So far I’ve only got about ten or so in my name.

This is the second Superman figure I have, with the Bruce Timm Justice League Superman version being the first.

I do believe this is the start of my path towards collecting.

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  1. Lightning

    Awesome series, he’s still my favorite character. =)

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