Faster Than Light #2

OrangUtan comics, a UK based independent comic book publisher, publishes second issue of their anthology titled Faster Than Light. Yours truly has been fortunate enough to be able to draw a six-page story written by Ian Sharman and colored by Yel Zamor.

News when it’ll come out for purchase is available on their site.

Ask any of my close friends, and they’ll tell you I have a difficult time finishing sequential work beyond page 3. I can say now that not only have I crossed that bridge, my first real finished work will be published. Many thanks to Ian Sharman for giving me the opportunity.

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  1. Daniel Summers

    As one of those friends I have to say I am proud of you. I think the pages look great! The story is very amusing and I think the colorist did a good job matching your lines. I look forward to owning a copy. :]

  2. Lightning

    That was funny. Kinda like Sailor Moon… but I actually ENJOYED this one, as apposed to wanting to strangle the characters….

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