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I’m a fan and I draw what I like.

Ernest Borgnine

In all honesty, I am not sure if this small tribute of mine is appropriate with the passing of such an icon, but it was made with the utmost respect for legendary actor Ernest Borgnine, the voice of Bikini Bottom’s

Fan-ART Friday: Jingle Belle

Its December, last month of the year 2011. And Christmas is just around the corner. Apologies for this friday’s Fan-ART. I wanted to draw a very good version of Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle character, but the incessant noise around me

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Fan-ART Friday: Dagger

Dagger draws Dagger. This was bound to happen one day. I first encountered the characters Cloak and Dagger in a Spider-Man comic book (not their origin) that they guest-starred in. Did they Marvel Team-Up?

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Fan-ART Friday: Superman [New 52]

[And] when I draw the character [Superman], I put the ‘S’ on last, because that’s the thing that defines him and empowers him. Without it, he’s just another superhero with a cape. But when you put the ‘S’ symbol on, it raises him to an iconic level.

— Jim Lee, on drawing Superman for DC’s “For Tomorrow” story arch

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Fan-ART Friday: The Girls [Updated]

I created Alex, Charlie and Joey during my college years. They were nothing more than doodles of my ideal girls, made mostly out of boredom waiting for the next class to begin. Its only fitting that on this day, November 11, 2011, that I solidify them.

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