Last technique is using the Pen Pressure Option.

Pen pressure Option is used in freehand drawing, making use of a pen tablet’s pressure sensitivity to react to your natural strokes.

Shape Dynamics Option, Control select Pen Pressure
Shape Dynamics > Control > 'Pen Pressure'

So, with the Brush tool again selected , I’ve set the Control to ‘Pen Pressure’, set the brush tip to an appropriate size and angle for what I need to trace, this being the side of her face.

Minimum Diameter play a bit different in this setting. Instead of ‘fading’ at one end, it affects the brush stroke by tapering at both ends.

Pen Pressure effect without actually using a teblet.
Pen Pressure effect without actually using a tablet.

Minimum Diameter percentage will depend on your need, so experimentation and trial and error is inevitable when you’re not used to this technique yet.

Same as before, select the Pen tool (P) , and create a path that goes from top using the pencils as a guide (1). Right click on the path, and select Stroke Path from the selection box (2).

Now stroked all the way towards the chin.
Not stroked all the way towards the chin.

As you may have noticed that I didn’t create a path all the way towards her chin. This is because I wanted to vary the thickness of the line more, and opted to create two separate paths (3).

Connecting two strokes
Connecting two strokes makes for a natural-looking lines.

Again, this is fairly trial and error technique if you are not yet used to it.

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