Fan-ART Friday: The Girls [Updated]

Charlie, Alex and Joey are © and ™ 2011 Farlow Studios. All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.

Happy 11-11-11 (whatever that means to you)!

Because this day is considered somewhat a special day, I wanted to do something special as well for fan-art Friday. I created Alex, Charlie and Joey during my college years. They were nothing more than doodles of my ideal girls, made mostly out of boredom waiting for the next class to begin.

Jump to 2003 and my introduction to DeviantART. After so many years of not drawing the girls, I took pencil and paper and drew them in 2004. After that, as my skill evolved, so did they. As I learn the inner workings of digital illustration and re-learn the things that I forgot to do, they got fleshed out more and more. Throughout the past 7 years, their look reflected the skills that I’ve acquired.

Its only fitting that on this day, November 11, 2011, that I solidify them as I move forward to the future of these three very lovely fictional characters of mine.

As for the art itself, you will have to pardon me on the quality you see. I only had a short time to sketch, ink and color them to make the 11-11-11 deadline that I imposed on myself. I plan on revisiting and eventually redoing the lines and colors for this, so come back to this page from time to time. If you know how I draw my girls, you know this is just a teaser.

UPDATE 11-17-11: As stated, this post has been updated with a more refined version. This is actually how I wanted them to look.

About the girls:

Charlie: Charlie is half Filipino and half Japanese. Initially, for some reason, I wanted her to be that smoker chick. But in hindsight, I never should have thought of that in the first place. I don’t smoke, and I actually hate the habit on anyone, particularly on a beautiful woman. So all her consequent imaginings I made her into this fit, athletic woman. And here you see her holding a lollipop instead of a cigarette. I initially wanted her to be holding something else entirely, but it might be too vulgar.

Alex: I love Alex. She’s my ultimate dream girl. Redhead, voluptuous in all the right places, and loves nerds. Underneath that sexy exterior is a geek, though at first glance you wouldn’t see it. She wears prescription glasses when I first drew her in college, though right now I always claim she’s wearing contacts. That’s why when I saw an “I Love NERDS” shirt worn by a girl in the mall, I wanted Alex to have a shirt just like that one. MENTAL NOTE: I should really draw her wearing her geeky glasses one day.

Joey: Joey is Alex’s cousin and is the quintessential girl next door. A beautiful girl who does not think she’s pretty enough. She has this shy personality but a profound mind that just blows you away. She was this introvert that loves music when I envisioned her in earlier incarnations. In 2004 onward, I changed that to photography.

Like I said, I wanted to solidify their look, particularly their faces. This will be relevant hopefully in the future.

Thanks for looking, and please leave a comment if you like what you see and if you want to suggest a character for the next fan-art Friday.

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    1. Dagger

      Thank you.

  1. Joseph Saviano

    Gorgeous work, as always!

  2. Max

    Art evolution.

  3. Daniel Summers

    I will always love these girls! <333

  4. Alvaro Martín

    Wonderful!!! I’m looking for a artist to develop a character based on my literature blog. I put to you in my favourites’ list.

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