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Drawing has always been my primary artistic output. When I hold a pencil in my hand, I feel like the weight of the world is lifted from me even for a little while. Since I’ve been a freelance illustrator/pin-up artist …

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I posted the Alex Ross-designed Superman figure from DC’s Kingdom Come series, might as well post Frank Miller’s Dark Knight from the graphic novel “The Dark Knight Returns“. I read it first back in 1989 and I simply said that …

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Voltes V was the robot during my childhood. It was the most awesome animation in every Filipino kid’s eyes at the time, and every kid wanted to have the toy. Me being part of a low-income family then, that toy remained a dream. Until 30 years after.

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This was the very first figure I bought through ToyCon (circa 2000). I haven’t been bought anything since then nor have been back since last year (when a friend asked me to the event on the very last day on …

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