Coloring Skin and the Body in Photoshop

Continuing from the Flats tutorial, here is Ves ready to be colored.

Flat base colors ready to be shaded and highlighted.
c1: Flat base colors ready to be shaded and highlighted.

Before we go any further, you sure you have a flats layer? If you don’t know how to make flats, you might want to check out the tutorial I made for that first.

The Layer Tab in PSCS4
c2: The Layer Tab in PSCS4

Left you can see how I’ve arranged my layers in Photoshop. I duplicated the flats layer, the original being under it and hidden. This is to ensure the original flats layer doesn’t get messed up accidentally.

I found it important that that layer be kept the way it is, because you will need that copy in case you make a mistake on the original layer and you need to revert back to the base colors.

When you’re set, then let’s continue.

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