Fan-ART Friday: Here’s CHUCKY!

Been wracking my brain for today’s Fan-Art, going from Ghostbuster’s Slimer to that small kid from The Grudge movie. And because Halloween is fast approaching, I wanted something scary again.

Slimer’s face and the ghost kid actually made me think of Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray (don’t ask, I cannot explain my thought process). Created by Don Mancini as the main antagonist from the horror movie Child’s Play. Loved that movie, because the thought of your child’s toy coming to life to kill you is something every kid had nightmares on.

I did not want to simply draw Chucky the way he looks in the movies, so I took inspiration from another movie that gave me chills; The Shining. Specifically, that infamous scene of Jack Nicholson.

So, heeeerrre’s CHUCKY!

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