X-Men: 20th Anniversary

Its funny how sometimes 20 years could just fly by without you realizing it, until something reminds you of the past.

It was a very good friend in college who loves comics as much as I do that introduced me to the art of Jim Lee. In 1991, the only Marvel comics I collected were anything Spider-Man or Fantastic Four related. I knew about the X-Men, I have a few done by John Byrne in my collection. But I’m mostly a DC collector.

But it was X-Men #1, written by Chris Claremont and drawn by none other than Jim Lee that would change the way I draw forever. From then on, I’ve collected every book Jim has drawn.

Its now rare that I take out my old collection of books, and with the advent of digital comics, I never have the need to take them out of storage. But for this one time, I did just to remind me of the time I got inspired to draw again.

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