Art Lessons from Todd McFarlane

First off, my apologies for not being active since the New Year. I don’t want to bore you with the details, let’s just say I’ve über busy.

I’d like to share this excellent find. Todd McFarlane is pretty much one of the many comic book artists in the 90s that re-defined and invigorated the comic book industry and simply put the artistry of comic books to another level. He has posted a bunch of videos giving tips on how he draws and create in Photoshop, and they are a good starting point to anyone wanting to transition from traditional to digital.

I strongly recommend consuming the knowledge is these videos.

McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 1 (How to Set Up a Page in Photoshop)
McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 2 (How to Draw Eyes)
McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 3 (How to Draw Realistic Fingers)
McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 4 (How to Ink a Comic Book Page)
McFarlane Art Lesson – (How to Draw Feet + Hulk Feet)
McFarlane Art Lesson – (How to Draw Legs)

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