It has been awhile…

I know its been a long time since I posted anything new on my blog. Just been busy with a few projects, trying my best to stay healthy, doing small commissions here and there.

Summer was hell, literally. Now that the rainy season is upon my country, the temperature is cool enough to get back to the grind in full blast.

Hopefully, with the addition of an iPad in my arsenal, I will be more productive because it means doing sketch studies and initial rough drawings for commissions without me having to be tied to my desktop all the time. I have already used this for a couple of bust sketches I’ve done lately.

Now I’m posting this on my iPad. It truly is becoming a good investment.

Speaking of the iPad, I am now thinking of redoing the design for the site again, which will be more compatible to tablets (not just Apple products) because right now I don’t like the way it looks and moves on my tablet.

That is it for now. Hopefully my next post I will have new artwork to post.

Until then.

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