10 things about me and my art

This was first posted in my journal in DeviantArt, when fellow deviant Dualmask asked me to list 10 things about how I feel about my images and drawings. I made the list to be sort of a retrospective look into my journey into learning drawing.

So here we go:

  • Some of you I may have already told, but most seem to not believe me when I say “I never took one formal art lesson in my life”. Formal as in sitting down with an art teacher or an art tutor and instructing me to hold my pencil this way, to hold the paper that way, or or to look at light and shadow this way or that.
  • The first ever character I drew when I was 4 years old was Superman, and my parents, uncles and aunts often told me (coz I can’t remember it now) that I can draw the Man of Steel almost proportional starting always with the right foot.
  • I grew up and learned how to draw by copying from different sources. Influences as a child includes the classic Looney Tunes cartoons, the first Macross animated movie, the G.I. Joe series, the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animation, Archie comics, and comicbooks done by John Byrne (most notably his 6-issue Man of Steel mini-series.)
  • 1991 introduced me to X-Men #1 and the amazing art of Jim Lee. Throughout college I was a Jim Lee clone almost mimicking his style. This made me look for and study his influences, which included Art Adams.
  • College also introduced me to Masamune Shirow and Tsukasa Hojo. I also discovered the art styles of Luis Royo, Olivia, Eleuteri Serpieri and Vallejo. They have a strong influence on my current style of drawing along with, of course, Jim Lee and Art Adams.
  • From 1997 to the end of 2002, my drawing skills have taken a long hiatus because of my work as Web Designer and, eventually, Art director for various Information Technology companies. I only did random, sporadic doodles and occasional comic pages and pinups during these 5 years.
  • 2003 I got introduced to DeviantArt, at the time I was dabbling mostly on Poser renderings. I eventually returned to drawing through the creation of KC. The rest you know, and the future is yet to be written.
  • I always think of my art and my style as a “working progress”. I am always learning new things, developing new skills. A student of the arts remain as such forever.
  • I didn’t learn how to digitally color my images until 2001 when I bought my first WACOM tablet.
  • When people insult my art, they essentially insult me, so don’t be surprised if I seem snappy about some unwanted comment on any of my pieces. I do my art for me, and I share it to those who enjoy seeing it, and who gets inspired by it.

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  1. george

    Your artwork is simply amaizin’ more to th@ it’s my inspiration…….i visit farlowstudios.com every now and then whenever my drawin’ spirits are down though i still have trouble with foreshortenin’ my drawings have cosiderably improved since i first leared of farlowstudios.com and deviant gallery…hope to draw like you someday….cheers!

  2. Paulius

    The worst part of the internet is you meet a ton of jealous idiots who don’t understand the difference between criticism and plain old insults.

    Personally I don’t believe anyone draws ‘just for themselves’, because if so, why exhibit it? On the other hand there’s a huge difference between someone saying something like “x looks a little out of proportion, have you thought about trying…” and “OMG ur work sux!!!”

    It’s because of the second type that I left Deviantart. I had one guy basically hound me for months with ‘criticism’ where he was essentially telling me to copy HIS style…which in turn was a direct copy J. Scott Campbells. No matter how many times I explained that I didn’t want to draw in that ‘exaggerated’ style he just wouldn’t leave it alone. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that I didn’t WANT to draw females with 50 inch breasts and 15 inch waists.

    That being said, I personally love criticism because it’s through listening to criticism from talented artists that has helped my work improve…it’s just a pain dealing with the idiots who actually take time out of their lives to insult other people’s work for no reason.

    Anyway, just want to say thank you for your amazing artwork. Even though I’ve never said two words to you I’ve learned a ton from the tutorials at your main sight and studying your drawings.

  3. Lightning

    Hi! it’s LP from DeviantART…. and I just feel like saying again that I love you work and I’m glad I found your site. =)

  4. A.Chishty

    So basically you grew a lot as an artist through mimicking other artists…I use to sketch other artists work a lot when I was younger some 5 or 6 years ago but then I stopped.

    Now I am trying to get back into it but its taking some time and causing me frustration because I am trying to rush the process. > .<!

    really like your work,
    I would have never guessed that you never took any formal art classes.
    Way to go!

    BTW, if you get a chance please check out my DA page and leave some critiques/comments. Would be much appreciated.


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