Fan-ART Friday: Hellboy

This is something I’ll do (hopefully) every Friday starting today; I’ll draw a bust or half-body of all my favorite fictional characters.

And what better way to begin than one of my favorite bad-ass comic book character Hellboy. Went with a homage to Mignola and at the same time trying to capture Ron Perlman as well. Been a fan of him since the 80s with the TV series Beauty and the Beast.

Drawn entirely freehand on Corel Painter 12 using the default Smooth Ink Pen.

If you’d like to suggest a fictional character that I might like to draw (NOT your own original creation), feel free to leave a comment.

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8 comments on “Fan-ART Friday: Hellboy
  1. Jurnee says:

    Ghost, of Dark Horse past fame.

  2. Klay says:

    Green Hornet (either 60s or pulp era)

  3. Jon says:

    Bloodrayne. Hot.

  4. PyroTwilight says:

    I shall suggest 3.

    Tomorrow Woman (Justice League), Supergirl/Cir-El and Bluestreak (from Spider-girl).

  5. Lightning says:

    LEELOO from The 5th Element.
    Maybe KATO too.

  6. I’d really enjoy seeing a half body pic of Big Barda.

    She doesn’t get no where near enough attention fan art wise.

  7. Daniel Summers says:

    Since you brought it up… how about a fanart for Beast? Nobody ever does this.

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