Art Lessons from Todd McFarlane

First off, my apologies for not being active since the New Year. I don’t want to bore you with the details, let’s just say I’ve ├╝ber busy.

I’d like to share this excellent find. Todd McFarlane is pretty much one of the many comic book artists in the 90s that re-defined and invigorated the comic book industry and simply put the artistry of comic books to another level. He has posted a bunch of videos giving tips on how he draws and create in Photoshop, and they are a good starting point to anyone wanting to transition from traditional to digital.

I strongly recommend consuming the knowledge is these videos.

McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 1 (How to Set Up a Page in Photoshop)
McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 2 (How to Draw Eyes)
McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 3 (How to Draw Realistic Fingers)
McFarlane Art Lesson – No. 4 (How to Ink a Comic Book Page)
McFarlane Art Lesson – (How to Draw Feet + Hulk Feet)
McFarlane Art Lesson – (How to Draw Legs)

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