Drawing is EASY.

Practicing produces tension because drawing can instantly give gratifying result. The truth of the matter is a student can draw with his existing skills, but drawing with the same set of skills only produces more drawings.

Practicing on elevating a skill however, adds to the skill and the student’s work will show its improvement. If the student realizes this truth he would practice more than drawing more. There is also psychological tension, in finishing a drawing fast. The practitioner wants result fast and easy, while attention to detail is recognized the world over; the anxiety of instant gratification got the better of the artist, and lost a work of art for all the people to appreciate.

With all being said, the reader might ask “how did this make drawing easier?”

The writer would not expect someone in just one reading of this article to have this frame of mind. As always in life it is a work in progress. The author assumes though, that every step taken towards this goal makes the act of drawing a little easier for the student, that every step inspires him to take a few more.

One can imagine a person drawing, void of these physical and psychological tensions and how easy it is for that person.

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  1. vin

    woah….this is nice. the tips, which i treat as advices, are really great…this article touched me so much that im not just gonna apply what i read here to my drawing skills (i know, at least i have some but i now admit, im one of those “below that level” kind of guy), i also see this useful in mostly every aspects of life..

    thank you so much for this article! i really appreciate your time writing and posting this here.

    keep sharing!Ü

  2. Carl Wisdom

    This is indeed very helpful…I am an artist and a Art teacher and this will help me to help my students relax when they draw..they tend to be very tense as they are trying very hard to produce peices at my level. Maybe I may have been pushing then too hard as well..thanks

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